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Kajakas Пицца и Вина

Kajakas Pizza - we love and appreciate what we do with ongoing passion for creating perfect Pizza with the freshest and mostly Organic ingredients. Our dough is made using Italian flour that is approved by «Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana». Our tomato base is made daily using Organic tomatoes. We use high quality mozzarella from Naples. Each Pizza is cooked at 450-500 degrees in our hand-built wood fired oven to create that smoky flavour.

Kajakas Kitchen - we use only the products we love and we will never compromise on that. There is nothing more difficult than preparing a simple dish perfectly. Only when you try to do something perfectly, you realise how hard it really is. Great things can happen if you pursue it with passion.

Kajakas WineRoom - all the wines are thoroughly selected and imported by Kajakas. The wine list consists mostly of organic and eco-friendly wines suitable for any taste and occasion. Great atmosphere and good vibes encourage our guests to feel free and enjoy.

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